Monday, August 5, 2013

How to start with creativity

start doing scribble with pen/pencil/mouse on any canvas, idea here is to draw things around you the way you see them. Once you start doing very regularly, u ll start developing your own style of art and it ll help you to visualize things in minimum lines.

Believe me with time, you will have great repository of art work which you can use it for various purpose. example - for Icons, For poster design, for website design, for storyboarding, for wireframing .etc

1. Create an environment for creativity
2. Start the habit of drawing
3. Create a personal visual library [Start drawing objects in your own style example: Watch, Calculator .... .etc]
4. Create a personal metaphor library
5. Take creative and visual thinking breaks
6. Practice Creativity
7. Read more fiction literature/Mythology 
8. Start a visual thinking school
9. Play your fav music and start drawing lines - this is one of  my fav way of doing art work -
10. Start appreciating other arts and learn from them

- Horizontal Lines
- Circles
- Spirals
- Wavy Lines
- Jagged Lines
- Star(success)
- Diamond(Decision)
- Spiral(Change in Direction)
- circle(harmony)
- Direction(arrow)
- straight
- Triangle (Relationship)

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